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Steps to Hope (Steps to Skye)

The main purpose of Oldmansaysaye and our little jaunt to Skye is to raise money for the brilliant work that Richard and the team at Steps To Hope do.I am also returning to the mountains where I was in Sept 2015 when I got the news my dad had died as it will be 5 years to the day when we climb

.I was in mid pitch when his image popped into my head, seconds later my phone started ringing and I later found out that was the moment he passed.I mention this because not everyone has a great relationship with their dads and not everyone gets the breaks in life that a lot of us take for granted.I miss him a lot but I probably talk to him more now than when he was alive. Love you Dad

Richard Ronchero and Steps to Hope give breaks to people and quite literally save lives , so I am hoping that everyone who supported Oldmansaysaye last year for Give a Kidney and who in the past supported the efforts of Jabulaniahoy will be as generous not just with their money but also with their time and take the time to read about Steps To Hope. The route we have chosen is Integrity which is kind of Apt given the cause and my dads memory.

Fans of the classic! 80s film Highlander will of course recognise the Cioch as the feature where Sean Connery trained the legendary Scottish actor Christopher Lambert aka Highlander Connor MacLeod

The money raised by this caper will go a long way to allowing Steps To Hope to carry on their good work .

Muchos thanks to everyone who has and continues to support us.

X Ray and Glenn and all the Oldmen who say aye

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