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Everyone says AYE while the team scales the Old man in the dark

While we were getting blown away on a cliff top last Monday night getting ready for our night ascent of the Old Man ,we had no idea of the level of coverage and good vibes that was being created in the media.Thanks so much to Mark Denholm and Ian Davidson for putting the story out and huge thanks to Shona Elliott & Edinburgh Evening News for runnign the story front page and also huge thanks to Sarah Ward & SWNS for the unbelieveable follow on coverage which resulted in the story being published across the country and the world ,Metro,Daily Record,Scottish Mail,Fox News,The New York Post,Indian Times, and the Lad bible.BBC Radio Orkney also interviewed Ray post climb which was great.

So its safe to say that our goal of raising awareness has been reached as we seem to have gone global and we are also very close to reaching our target of £4000 for Give a Kidney.

We will be uploading some pictures and videos shortly(internet speed permitting),but tahnks again from everyone involved and from myself (Ray) a very heartfelt thanks to Zoe,Kiefer,Glenn and Buzz for great adventure .

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