Mission & Vision

Oldmansaysaye, is for people who say “Aye”, and for people who would say Aye, but don’t know it yet!

For me, saying aye meant making the decision to donate a kidney after an ebay seller wrote a note on the wrapping on a top she had sold telling us about her partner's dialysis and how much the sale meant to her. Over the next couple of years this note continued to play on my mind till I accidentally stumbled upon a radio interview about living organ donation whilst stuck in traffic one day. The interview mention how the laws had now changed on being a living donor and this was the final push I needed to go ahead with becoming a living organ donor.

If it wasn’t for these unrelated random incidents I would never have been touched by someone else’s story nor would I have been aware of the living donor program and the small but growing group of people who make it up. 

It was an easy Aye for me, since I am heading towards Old manhood and I have a thing about the Old Man of Hoy,what better name for the site than the Oldmansaysaye?

So, along with my friends, Glenn and Neil and a really cool youngblood called Kiefer , we are working on a project to raise awareness in Scotland of the Living Organ Program. You can follow our progress over the next couple of years as we prepare to climb El Capitain in Yosemite National Park. Have a look at our blog to see more news and info of upcoming events.

Along the way, I hope to encourage more people to say “Aye” or even “F*** Aye”



Every Bit Helps

Corporate support

If you own, or are part of an organisation that would like to support

our cause and spread awareness, please get in touch.

All supporters will be mentioned on our website, social media pages and their logos will be visible on our climbs!

Individual support

If you are an individual who wants to support our cause, thanks you!

We would love you to share any of our events and posts, or just raise awareness in any way you like. Contact us if you'd like any help, advice or just want to know more!

If you would like to donate to the Just Giving page for Give a Kidney - press the button below!





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